Away2Xplore aims to provide job placements that allow young adults to gain valuable life experience whilst providing American employers with hardworking, enthusiastic staff.

By thoroughly reviewing each prospective recruit’s experience and interests, we are dedicated to placing successful candidates in positions mutually compatible to both the candidate and the employer.  Each candidate has ample access to resources to not only prepare them for arrival in the USA, but also to have a realistic impression of the work environment awaiting them.

Our policy is one of honesty and transparency in all our dealings. Our established support network gives our recruits and their families the peace of mind that how-ever far from home they may be, we are always readily available to offer assistance when possible and if necessary. Our interviewers are located nationwide to interview and evaluate recruits. Our face to face  interview locations are spread out all over SA, in order for the applicant to have the opportunity to attend an interview near where ever they may live.

We believe that a good infrastructure is necessary in order for us to provide the best possible support and service. We are therefore constantly striving to improve the efficiency of our program, making our systems simpler, more efficient and better for all to ensure the success of all parties.

We operate within the regulations of South African and American law, and employ reciprocal fairness in all our dealings. We value feedback from both our SA recruits, the US employers, the American authorities and endeavor to minimize disputes by providing a channel of clear communication, through which the best interests of all parties can be realized.

Our proactive approach has laid the foundation over the past 14 years for us to grow and secure our long term presence in the global market for the next 14.