Away2Xplore was established in 2002 and has since placed thousands of English speaking South Africans with US and Canadian employers, who require seasonal workers for 8 to 10 months. Over the past 20 years we have largely placed our recruits with US travelling amusement parks where working hours are long and irregular, with little time off. Through the years we have also placed many of our recruits with concessionaires, handling food, as well as placing administrators with great success. Many of our recruits have also proven themselves at State Fairs where jobs are demanding.

Our Head Office is based in Midrand (Johannesburg) in the centre of the financial heart of the country. From here we coordinate the operation and manage all new applications, as well as manage the incoming and outgoing flights.

OR Tambo is the largest airport in the country. We are located 15 minutes from the main US consulate which processes a large number of visas for us, but we also deal with the Durban and Cape Town consulates for visas of our recruits in the Cape and Natal.

We have a network of 12 interviewers in South Africa and are well established and represented country wide. Our agents are properly trained and updated on a regular basis with regard to our latest interview techniques, orientations and changes abroad such as visa regulations for example.  Due to our good reputation within the recruitment industry, the solid relationship that we have built with the US consulates in South Africa, the large number and variety of recruits that we have placed, we are able to offer large numbers of suitable South Africans an adventure and work opportunity of a lifetime.

It makes us and our team feel fantastic!

Rene Wegkamp, Founder / Managing director of Away2Xplore