POPI Consent

In terms of Section 18 of the POPI Act:

Consent to process information of applicants and recruits for recruitment, overseas job placement, collection, storage, retention and destruction of information:

I hereby give my consent that A way to Explore (Pty) Ltd (hereinafter referred to as A2X), A2X’s employees and A2X’s registered interviewers may have access to my personal information as provided by me on this online application and any future personal and sensitive information I may provide to them.

I understand that failure to provide at least the required information (indicated with asterisks next to appropriate fields) will prevent me from completing the application process as this information is necessary in order to:

  • communicate with me about my application status,
  • communicate with me regarding all the steps and procedures required to process and further my application,
  • process my application (data capture and inform interviewer),
  • perform appropriate checks on job history, criminal record, educational / skills qualifications/registrations/licenses as well as credit history where such is required and permitted by the National Credit Act,
  • any other necessary steps in order to facilitate my application, placement and travel.

Communication methods include: in person, by phone, e-mail, letter, social media or chat applications.

My information will be kept only as long as is needed, in case of non placement it will be disposed of thereafter. Should I be approved to be placed overseas A2X will retain my information as long as is needed to secure my employment and re-employment for a period of five years, unless I inform A2X differently.

I understand that I have the right to object to the processing of my personal information. In the event of such an objection a hold will be put on all such processing of my information and the proper process will take place in order to resolve the cause of the objection.

The POPI Act requires that all personal details supplied must be complete, not misleading, accurate and up to date. It must be properly maintained as well as protected. Whilst A2X takes responsibility for processing and protection of the information it is my responsibility as a data subject to ensure that the information is complete and accurate and that I advise A2X of any change of personal details so that it can be accurately maintained.

Complaints can be addressed to the Information Officer (info@away2xplore.co.za) or the Regulator appointed in terms of the POPI Act.

I may request access to the information stored in order that I can assure myself that the data is accurate.

I understand that A2X will only use my information for the purposes as described above and will protect my information by ensuring it is not accessible to parties not intended for and that A2X has strong security measures in place to protect my electronic data, as well as any hard copy data I may give them during the recruitment process.

I hereby declare my understanding of the aforementioned information and consent to the processing of my information in accordance with the POPI Act, as well as the processing of any further personal information requested in the future.

By submitting my application I declare that all information supplied to A2X is accurate, not misleading and complete and that I will advise the company of any change. I hereby give permission for my personal information as well as any further personal information provided by me to A2X in future to be collected, processed as stated above, stored securely and destroyed at the appropriate time. I acknowledge that I have supplied the personal information required, that I understand the purposes for which it will be used and am aware that it will be processed for these purposes and no other.