Ok, this sounds great! So what is the catch ?

Through Away2Xplore our American employer will pay your travel expenses to, from and in America. After your arrival you will work there with a legal work permit that is costly and difficult to obtain.  Remember your employer's work permit, will be combined with your visa which you have paid for at the US consulate.

In order for you to travel and work in America, your future employer pays and arranges your work permit, air tickets to and from America, Domestic bus or airfare and your recruitment and orientation expenses to Away2Xplore.

The total value of this Away2Xplore package is around R25000 depending on which employer we place you with and where they are located.

In return for Away2Xplore and your employer paying all your travel and program expenses and the fact we secured you a full season's work visa and work contract, its only fair we expect you to complete a full season and return to South Africa in time, as per your visa and our contract.   You are also prohibited from remaining in America after your contract has ended, per your contract, since this is a one season package and visa.

The deal: We pay all your travel and program expenses, You work a full season in return !

Conclusion: If it is your intention to get your hands dirty, work abroad, have some fun, earn dollars and return to South Africa, this is the most affordable package with the best support structure available on the market. Chances are good you want to go back for more, like thousands have done before you !

More good news!! After you have returned to South Africa, you may re-apply again for another season to work in America. Some of our recruits have worked with our US employers 2, 3 or even 4 years in a row and keep returning for more.

The salary is equal to approximately R25 000 per month