1. The American employer, through Away2Xplore will cover the expense of your return airfare, other travelling costs, H2-B work petition, recruitment orientation expenses, provided you complete your work contract in full.  A season is usually between 6 and 10 months depending on which employer we place you with.
  2. The pre-departure orientation session is compulsory to prepare you for your flight and overseas job environment. Your parents / guarantors are also required to attend in order for them to also get an idea of what to expect.
  3. After taking up employment, all recruits have access to our grievance procedure as stipulated in our orientation manual /survivor guide.  In case of a dispute with your American employer which you cannot resolve, our team is available to mediate between you and the employer to try to help and resolve the dispute.
  4. Away2Xplore reserves the right to ask you at any time to re-submit yourself for an additional drug test or tests.
  5. Someone must sign as a guarantor for you, preferably your parents or other responsible adults.
  6. As per US legislation you are only allowed to work for the Company as specified in your work visa and contract with Away2Xplore.
  7. In line with your visa conditions and contract with Away2Xplore you are obliged to return to South Africa once your work period has ended.
  8. If you cancel your application with us, any visa appointment fees you paid to the American consulate will not be refunded.
  9. Only South African passport holders and sureties will be considered for this program.
  10. Due to the heavy work and long working hours we require you to be fit and prove to be in excellent health.
  11. All applicants must submit themselves to a compulsory multi level drug test, in order to be considered for the jobs we offer.

The Big No No’s

  1. Away2Xplore and our American employers have a zero tolerance for any kind of drug or intoxicating substance use.
  2. All tattoos must be hidden when representing Away2Xplore in South Africa and America.
  3. No facial hair is allowed when representing Away2Xplore in SA and the USA.
  4. Males: Hair should not be longer than your collar. Short hair is preferred.
  5. Males - no piercings, females - a maximum of two piercings per ear.
  6. No funny and wild hair colours and / or styles.