Q) How much will I earn?

Depending on which employer we place you with and in which state, you will earn a minimum starting wage of at least $330,- per week. This is +/- R15.000 p/m, depending on the exchange rate. Tax and standard deductions are automatically deducted from your wages. The taxation
rate varies from State to State.

Q) What will my cost of living be in America?

After having placed thousands of recruits in America, we
have learned that $70,- to $80,- per week will buy you healthy food, drinks and cover your laundry expenses.

Q) Will i need any money in my bank account, as a guarantee, after acceptance into the program ?
A) No,......you will not need any money in your bank account after acceptance.
Q) How much money can I save?

If you are not a party animal, but a motivated person who wants to save money, you can save between $150,- & $200,- per week. (That is roughly R5.400,- per month).
We have heard from many recruits who saved R40.000,- in a year, with some asmuch as R60.000. Of course if you party too much and spend a lot, you will not be able to save much.

Q) Will Away2xplore require me to undergo a medical exam, at a Doctor affiliated with Away2xplore of around R 2.500 at my own expense ?
A) Definitely not !,.....The American visa regulations do not require you to pay for any medical exams, to enter America.
Q) How does the American wage I will earn, compare to South African Standards?

In order to compare you need to take the entire package you receive into account. Your US employer pays all your travel and other expenses worth over $3.000,- to get you there. Your sponsored accommodation is either very cheap or free.
When you add everything up, including your fringe benefits (e.g. water and electricity, transport to work), you're effective earnings per month can exceed R15.000,- or $ 2000,- p/m. Compared to most Americans earning minimum wage, you will be able to save much more, than many Americans can, because usualy they don’t get travel and accommodation cheap or free with their job.

Q) Do I need special qualifications to apply for this job?

No, a grade 10, 11 or matric will do as a minimum qualification. Some work experience will add to your chances of being approved.

Q) I want to go but English is not my home language, can I still apply?

Yes, you can apply, but we do require that you speak and understand English clearly.

Q) What about my visa application?

After we have accepted you and you have attended the orientation session, we will arrange an appointment at the American consulate for you. We will assist you with the paperwork and prepare you for the consulate interview so you can obtain your work visa ASAP.

Q) Can I go back for a second year?

Yes, if you have proved to be a good worker and your employer would like you to return, you can go back for another year. You will still need to submit an application
again with us and be interviewed and accepted by the US Consulate for a visa.

Q) How long is my contract for?

Your contract is between 6 - 10 months, depending on which month you leave and for which employer you work. You will work in the US until the summer season ends, which is usually around November.

Q) When can I apply for an interview?

You can apply NOW with an Away2Xplore representative in your region for an obligation free interview. (That means you don't need to pay for the interview).

Q) When can I go?

Our groups leave Johannesburg from early in the new year, but fill up quickly. So don't wait too long before applying.

Q) Which park will I be placed with and which route will I follow?

There are traveling amusement parks all over the US, all with different routes. You will be placed with a park whose needs closest match your personality & experience, and with the group you will best fit in with. We will only be able to give you an indication of your route at the orientation session. Placement with a specific or preferred amusement park cannot always be guaranteed.

Q) What do I eat and who will do my washing?

Although accommodation is provided, you are responsible
for providing your own meals. There is enough space in your bunkhouse for a small fridge and a microwave. These items can "each" be bought in the US, often for under $80,- these costs can be shared between 2 or 4 people. You will be provided with a lift into town on average once a week, to stock up on 2 minute noodles,TV dinners and other food. And yes, you are responsible for doing your own laundry .

Q) Are there any other costs?

Travel insurance is optional, but highly recommended and is available at little expense to you. You also have to take pocket money for the first 10 days or so, +/- $200,- will do
as a minimum.

Q) Can I go with my partner or friends?

We are mostly able to place you with your partner or friend. Placement with your friends cannot always be guaranteed, although we will do our best to accommodate

Q) I have a question of my own !
Q) I like it where do I apply